Futurology Podcast Episode 13


In this episode, Alex and Jason were joined by Tom (moderator Ion-Tom) to talk about his time at the Seattle Futurist meetup.  For those of you following nuclear fusion, this will be interesting.  As far as the top links go, here they are in order.  We took out a story about UBI (universal basic income) due to the fact that we'd like to have a full debate without the same old circle jerk.  We need one volunteer to represent the pros of UBI and one who is against it.  On the next podcast we'll hopefully get some solid points from each side.

1823 - This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood - aeo1003

1448 - Mind-controlled robotic suit exoskeleton will allow a paralyzed teen to kick off the first ball in this year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil - _trendspotter

1269 - Michio Kaku blew everyone's minds on the Daily Show last night - creativeembassy

1142 - Power-Generating Nanoribbons Implanted on the Heart - bob_toe_nail

961 - Clerics Issue Fatwa: Muslims Can't Live On Mars - Simcurious


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