Futurology Podcast Episode 2


Episode 2 Self Driving cars

In this week's episode we discuss self driving cars, same day delivery, law enforcement, and possible security risks.

5. 422 upvotes - We have a working graphene battery prototype that lasts just as long as a lithium-ion battery, but charges in 15 minutes. Now, we just need to get the cost down. Submitted by - ocealot

4. 432 upvotes - Google wants to fund life extension research startups

Submitted by - mn108

3. 497 upvotes - Complex Body Parts Could Soon Be Lab-Grown. Within a generation, there may be no limit to the kinds of organs and body parts that can be created from scratch. Submitted by - GraybackPH

2.  503 upvotes - The World's First Commercial Vertical Farm Opens in Singapore Submitted by - Cavedave

1. 712 upvotes - Oh man, already? 3D Printer DRM Patent To Stop People Downloading a Car Submitted by - blinkergoesleft

What are your thoughts on self driving cars?