Futurology Podcast Episode 6


Greetings fellow futurists,

This monthAlex and myself made room for 17-year-old composer, futurist, and techno-optomist Daniel Yount. Daniel is also a member of reddit's futurology community and he helped us count down the top 5 links of the month.

(830 Upvotes) 3d printing is going to radically change our world in the coming decades - AthiestBroker

(800 Upvotes) More Good News About The 'Scientific Accident That May Change The World' | Science | ReWire - the-pervert

(789 Upvotes) Would you swap a healthy eye for a bionic one with additional functionality? - Entrarchy

(757 Upvotes) Its official, we can realisticly generate people - Astonishingly real Audrey Hepburn shills chocolate in new commercial - Trickish

(640 Upvotes) 15-year old invents new method for diagnosing cancer which is 168 faster, 26000 times cheaper and 400% more reliable than common methods. He did most of his research via Google. - erdbeertee

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