Futurology Podcast Episode 18


Futurology Podcast - Episode 18

/u/Blinkergoesleft/u/Bostoniaa, and /u/captainmeta4 return for another installment of the Futurology Podcast, running down December's top posts and hashing out some futurist philosophy.

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This question was sent to us by /u/Architect101:

This is an idea/topic you might find interesting to discuss on the podcast.

Similarities between the faith of a Religious person and the confidence in a better tomorrow of a Futurist.

I recently spoke with a skeptical friend who saw my view of the future (including ideas of transhumanism, singularity, and general futurology) unlikely to come to fruition. He humorously compared my confidence in a better future to the faith of a Southern Baptist.

Anyway, thanks for the work you do for the podcast, it is appreciated.

P.S. I started reading "Rainbows End" by Vernor Vinge after hearing you guys talk about the fiction and nonfiction recommendations; "Abundance: the future is better than you think" is already sitting next to my Kurzweil books.